torsdag den 12. august 2010

lørdag den 14. marts 2009

Photos - Easter eggs

So this time I decided to gather some pictures of creative easter egg decorations. I really enjoy the creativity of the artists. These pictures really makes me to be more open to ideas on how to decorate an easter egg. All the artists of the shown images are credited below each image.

'Pokemon Eggs' by Red-Flare

'Halloween Easter Eggs' by Red-Flare

'Futurama Easter Eggs' by Red-Flare

'Nintendo Easter Eggs' by Red-Flare

'Blue night Easter Egg' by botheyesopen

left: 'Lord of the Rings Easter Egg' by K-La-Schmanayla
right: 'Nightmare before Christmas Easter Egg' by

Musical Easter Eggs by ollaaa

Photos - Cupcakes

Colorful cupcake made by dashedandshattered:

Beautiful cupcakes made by the talented meechan:

Enchanting cupcakes made by the talented: ZaLita:

Photos - Multi-layered cakes

I have found so many beautiful and very creative cakes on deviantart. I wanted to gather them together in this blog to show a series of beautiful made multi-layered cakes. Credits are shown below the cakes.

left: 'Tattooed Koi Cake' by Dragonsanddaffodils
right: 'Red Mad Hatter Cake' by Heidilu22

left: 'Paisley Cake' by Verusca
right: 'Wrapped in Choc' by

left: 'Christening Cake' by Verusca
right: 'Cinderella Castle Cake' by Verusca

left: 'Fever Dream Cake' by cerukekkusu
right: 'Out of Shape Cake' by

left: 'Crazy Flower Cake' by leprechaunbabe
right: 'Weird Fluorescent Cake' by Heidilu22

left: 'Butterflies Wedding Cake' by Dragonsanddaffodils
right: 'Daisy Wedding Cake' by Heidilu22

left: 'Celestial Cake' by ilexiapsu
right: 'Topsy Turvey Birthday Cake' by pinkcakebox

left: 'Mario Cake' by Seraphangel1327
right: 'Gift Box Wedding Cake' by pinkcakebox

left: 'Pink Wedding Cake' by gurlkaleidescopeeyes
right: 'Corpse Bride Cake' by pinkcakebox

left: 'Topsy Turvy Quinceanera Cake' by pinkcakebox
right: 'Pink Cake' by diepretty9

left: 'Eeyore Cake with Letters' by diullbar22
'Whimsical Wedding Cake' by pinkcakebox

left: 'Lilac Butterfly Cake' by ilexiapsu
'Red Fabric Rose Cake' by Dragonsanddaffodils